Campus Faith Life
Guided by the Spirit of the Father and the Son

Mass daily, conveniently. Eucharistic holy hours. Faith Household events. Moments in the residence hall chapel or another of the many holy sites on campus. The San Damiano crucifix.The life of faith fills the air on campus at Franciscan University. There is a contagious joyousness. Praying in Grotto Students praying in quiet corners or while walking across campus. T-shirts with saints’ faces, and quotes from popes. New students and visitors cannot help but notice, “This place is different.”

Unlike Any Other Place

Relaxing or studying in Cupertino’s Café, pickup games of Ultimate Frisbee, eating together in Antonian Hall, greeting one another in the hallways, or raucously cheering the varsity squads. At first glance they could be at any campus with an eclectic and diverse student body.

But here at Franciscan, those experiences are imbued with the Spirit of the Lord. Those same students routinely pack the Chapel for standing room-only Masses. Hundreds commit to a regular Eucharistic holy hour, and hundreds more stop in for a few moments with the Lord.

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In the tradition of St. Francis

The Franciscan friars TOR are ubiquitous, and their loving concern obvious. Walking across campus laughing with students, teaching in the classrooms, cheering on athletic teams, hearing confessions and offering counsel. Their spirituality, their joyous love for the Lord, is infectious.

And there is no lack of places to pray.

Outdoor stations of the cross dot a wooded hillside. Nearby, an outdoor créche, a Marian Shrine, and the tomb of the unborn invite students to take a moment and just be with God.

Our residence halls are named not after donors, but saints–Mary, Thomas More, Elizabeth, Louis, Clare, Bonaventure, and others. And each one has a chapel where students can visit Our Lord at all hours of the day or night.

With a joyous spirit!

Weekly praise and worship in Christ the King Chapel and monthly Festivals of Praise rock Finnegan Fieldhouse with a joyful noise. Students find encouragement and renewal, singing out their hearts in praise of the Lord of Glory. This is truly a blessed place atop the hill in Steubenville, but mere words cannot fully convey the experience of being here. Come visit our beautiful campus, where the natural surroundings reveal God’s glory and the people strive to live the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Places to Pray
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